Bo-Katan/Nite Owl

As seen in Seasons 4-7 of The Clone Wars animated series, Bo-Katan served as a lieutenant in the radical group of Mandalorians known as the Death Watch.

Her helmet is a unique style with a rangefinder attached to the right ear. This helmet can also be painted to be a Nite Owl character. Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the Bo-Katan and Nite Owl specifications.

Our Bo-Katan/Nite Owl helmet kit includes the base helmet, rangefinder parts, stencil, and eye lens.



Completed helmet painted by Jeff Parks.

Nite Owl costume modeled by Sandy Burbano, photo by Brian Kim

Bo-Katan modeled by Stacey Beavers, photo by Joel Aron

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