From The Clone Wars to Rogue One and beyond, we have created dozens of helmet kits from the Star Wars universe. All of our helmet kits are raw casts that you can assemble and paint to look like a screen accurate character or your own custom creation. 

Movie Realistic

As seen in Episode III of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, the Movie Realistic Episode III helmet is used for most standard clone troopers. These helmets can be painted all white to be a generic trooper or painted with custom designs to resemble a specific character.

As seen in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the Purge Trooper helmet is used for the characters led by Darth Vader.


The animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, introduced a wide variety of clone troopers that make up the grand army of the Republic. We’ve separated the animated style clone trooper helmets into categories that reflect characters from the early seasons (Seasons 1-3) and later seasons (Seasons 4-7). In addition to clone trooper helmets, we also create helmets for Death Watch Mandalorian characters including Bo-Katan, Pre Vizsla, and more.


The animated series Star Wars Rebels introduced some brand new characters like Kanan Jarrus and the AT-DP Drivers, while also bringing back some of our favorite heroes like Captain Rex. We currently have created helmet kits for the AT-DP Drivers.

Original Trilogy (TK, TD, TX)

As seen in Episodes IV-VI, the Original Trilogy Imperial Stormtroopers make up the army of the Galactic Empire. 


Taking place just before Star Wars: A New Hope, Rogue One introduced a variety of brand new troopers such as the Shoretroopers, AT-ACT Drivers, and Tanktroopers. We have created helmets for all three of these new characters. We’ve also created the helmet for the ICAT Driver as seen in The Mandalorian Season 2.


We’ve created two helmet kits that were designed specifically with a woman’s proportions in mind. Our Legacy FemTK helmet kit resembles that of Jes Gistang from the Star Wars Legacy Comics. The FEM7 helmet kit is a unique custom creation that combines elements from multiple Star Wars armored characters.

Other Options

We’ve created helmet kits for characters that are not featured in the Star Wars movies or television series. The Ralph McQuarrie Concept Trooper helmet is derived from McQuarrie’s concept art of the original trilogy Stormtroopers. We also supply source parts for the Biker Scout helmets and have created a Lobot headpiece kit.

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