Legacy FemTK (Jes Gistang)

As seen in the Star Wars Legacy Comics, the Legacy FemTK (Jes Gistang) is a female Stormtrooper from the Joker Squad.

Unlike most of our helmets, this kit is very light as it is made from vac-formed ABS plastic. Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the Legacy FemTK specifications. In order for this full costume to be 501st approvable, you must have the helmet. 

Our Legacy FemTK helmet kit includes the base helmet front and back, eye lens, eyebrow trim, neck seal, ear caps with extra set, ear cap hardware, and aerators. 

The Legacy FemTK helmet kit is $265.00 USD plus shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

Legacy FemTK modeled by Liz Perales

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