Dan Laws Helmet

Dan’s helmet comes from an original cast of the Brian R. and Dave M. ANH helmet made years ago. Dan Laws created an amazing stylized helmet by cleaning up the casted surface to remove most of the bumps. He also delicately enhanced the details. The overall iconic look remains accurate and only a limited numbers of these were made. 

At this time, we are only offering the helmet and armor together as a bundle.  You cannot currently buy the armor kit or helmet kit separately. You can view our armor options here. If you choose the Dan Laws helmet, the bundle price is $795.00 USD plus shipping.

What’s included:

  •   ABS Cap and Back, Face Plate, and Ears
  •   Lens Material
  •   Rubber “S” Trim
  •   Brow Trim (imported from the UK just like originals)
  •   Mic Tips
  •   Helmet Decals
  •   Screws
  •   Rivets
  •   Washers
  •   Screen Mesh For Mouth

Dan Laws Helmet Sizing:

This helmet is extremely close to an original ANH size but has been cleaned up for a stylized smooth and sharp finish, (not the bumpy cap) version. 

This helmet kit is offered in white or black ABS plastic and will include the correct decals for TK, TD, and TX characters based on which option you order.


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