The FEM7 is our own custom design that was inspired by several different variations of Star Wars armor.

Unlike most of our kits, this creation is NOT 501st approvable. Our FEM7 armor kit includes the chest and pack plates, shoulder straps, shoulder bells, biceps, forearms, ab/cod plate, kidney plate, butt plate, belt, thermal detonator, hand backs, thighs, knees, lower legs and decals.

The FEM7 armor kit was designed to fit females 5’0″ – 5’10”.

The FEM7 armor kit is $575.00 USD plus shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

FEM7 modeled by Sandy Burbano, photo by Brian Kim

We can also offer the FEM7 armor in black.

FEM7 modeled by Leeanna Vamp, photo by Brian Kim

May 2023 Update: FEM7 strapping kits are temporarily out of stock! We also have a custom made FEM7 strapping system that will make wearing the armor more comfortable and help certain pieces stay in place. Also pictured are side pouches that can be added to your armor.

These parts are upgrade parts for the FEM7 trooper including the pauldron and radio pack.

These are FEM7 boots that were designed specifically for our costume. They are made in US sizes 5.5-10, but they do run about a half size too large. So if you normally wear a size 7, you would be a size 6.5 in these boots.

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