ICAT / Mudtrooper

As seen in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, the ICAT Drivers are specialized troopers skilled in operating the Imperial Combat Assault Transports. As seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story on the swamp planet of Mimban, the Mudtroopers are specialized infantry members that venture in often hazardous planets with the Empire. The armor kit you see below can be used for either of these characters.

The ICAT Driver / Mudtrooper Armor Kit includes the following: vac-formed main armor parts, flexible leg straps with buckles, flexible neck collar, pre-assembled flexible locking shoulder straps with chest buckles and proper left/right metal shoulder tabs, connecting straps to armor and shoulder bells, press-cast shoulder bells, detail cast parts, and resin cast belt boxes. We are also providing paper templates for correct part placement and assembly videos with these kits.

This armor kit has a very strict size range as it was built to be as close to screen accurate as possible. This kit will only fit a height range of 5’8″ – 6′ with a chest size of 36-44 inches and a maximum waist/stomach size of 38 inches (40 inches with the jacket on). This kit cannot be modified in size due to the way it has to be assembled.

Please note, this armor kit is for both the ICAT and Mudtrooper characters, but we do not plan on making the Mudtrooper helmet at this time. To complete your ICAT costume, you will need the ICAT Driver Helmet Kit we offer.

Visit the 501st Legion CRL for the ICAT Driver and Mudtrooper to view more specifications on their standards for these costumes.

The ICAT/Mudtrooper armor kit is $650.00 USD plus shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

The color of the cast parts you receive may vary from the photo above.

To complete your ICAT Driver costume, you will need the ICAT Driver Helmet Kit that we offer.

To complete this screen-accurate costume, you will also need to source items from other prop makers and vendors. Below is our list of recommended vendors to purchase your soft goods, holster, and blaster.

ICAT Deluxe Soft Goods (Jacket, Pants, Double Wide Nylon Belt & Boots) – ImperialBoots.com

Neck Seal with Bib – Sheeves Emporium

Gloves – Amazon

ICAT SE-14r Holster – Darmans Props

ICAT SE-14r Blaster 3D Files – Cosplay Items Rock

ICAT armor finished and worn by Kevin Weir. Photo by Carlos Sanchez.
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