Movie Realistic Armor

As seen in the live action films Episode II and Episode III, the movie realistic clones make up the grand army of the Republic. 

We currently do not make the helmets for these kits, but we do make the armor. For more information on where to get the movie realistic helmets, please visit our Resources page. Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith movie realistic grunt clone trooper specifications.

We make the movie realistic clone armor kit in two different sizes to accommodate heights 5’8”-6’2”.

The standard kit is designed to fit someone who is 5’8″ – 5’10” with and leg inseam 30 inches or less.

The tall kit is designed to fit someone who is 5’11” – 6’2″ with a leg inseam of 32 inches or more.

The movie realistic clone armor kit includes the chest and back pieces, ab plate, kidney, cod and butt pieces, shoulder bells, biceps, elbows, forearms, hand backs, knees, thighs, lower legs, the backplate detail and a couple pieces of ABS plastic for shimming.

Completed movie armor modeled by Sean Glennon

We’ve also made a variety of upgrade parts. Some of these are needed to complete your movie realistic clone while others are optional.

This is the movie realistic belt upgrade kit with thermal detonator. It includes the belt boxes as well.

This is the movie realistic foam knee and elbow insert kit. It includes foam knees and elbows as well as the strapping and detail pieces.

These are the movie realistic shoulder straps. These are used to connect the chest and back plates at the shoulder region.

These are the movie realistic elbow straps. They are used to hold the elbow armor in place.

These are the movie realistic shoe discs. They are attached at the sides of the movie realistic boots.

This is the movie realistic compad that can be glued to the forearm.

This is the movie realistic commander shoulder bell cover plate that is used for Commander Neyo and Commander Bacara.

We also have a custom made movie realistic suspension strapping system that will make wearing the armor more comfortable and help certain pieces stay in place.

The movie realistic Episode III Commander Cody costume below was completed by Jimmy Colson featuring Cody’s specific parts from Todd.


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