Pink Armor

Here at Imperial Surplus, we are very passionate about trooping for causes we believe in. That’s why we’ve made a variety of armor kits out of breast cancer pink ABS vac-formed plastic. Pink armor is not 501st Legion approvable, but these are additions to wear on your costumes for conventions or troops where supporting a cause is encouraged.

We’ve made the Legacy FemTK armor kit entirely out of pink ABS plastic. The thermal detonator can be painted a color of your choice such as pink, gray, or black.

The Legacy FemTK helmet comes in pink too with the vac-formed dome, faceplate, and ear caps all in pink.

The Obi-Wan Season 1 armor kit (minus leg armor) also comes in pink. One of the shoulder bells features an embosses ribbon. We’ve made both variations of Jedi forearms (smooth elbow and triangle elbow) in pink with the hand backs.

Both the Animated Season 1-3 clone trooper pauldron (pictured on right) and the Season 4-6 Captain Rex pauldron (pictured on left) pieces come in pink. If you’ve assembled your Season 4-6 Captain Rex pauldron in the way we advise with snaps or Velcro, these pink panels can be snapped/Velcroed to your existing pauldron.

Most of the hand backs we make come in pink. This includes movie realistic clone, Season 1-3 animated clone, Season 4-6 animated clone, animated Jedi, RMQ concept trooper, Death Watch, Legacy FemTK, FEM7, Kanan Jarrus, and Kid’s First Order stormtrooper.

The movie realistic clone, Season 1-3 clone, Season 4-6 clone, Legacy FemTK, and Shoretrooper/AT-ACT/Tanktrooper shoulder bells come in pink with an embossed ribbon on one side.

For those of you who support many different causes, we also offer these shoulder bells (movie realistic clone, Season 1-3 clone, Season 4-6 clone, Legacy FemTK, and Shoretrooper/AT-ACT/Tanktrooper) in white with the embossed ribbon. The ribbon or entire shoulder bell can be painted any color of your choice.

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