Special Announcement

Imperial Surplus is now offering Stormtrooper Armor & Helmets

We have acquired MTK products and some Dan Laws molds/bucks! Mike (formally MTK) still runs Trooperbay so please don’t get confused. Mike has been a reputable maker of MTK armor for years and these various Stormtrooper kits have achieved the highest levels of accuracy with two detachments within the 501st Legion- MEPD: “Deployed” & FISD “Expert” & “Centurion”.

I know lineage is very important to some people and MTK is a descendant of TE. Mike’s kit is a great interpretation of what we saw on screen. Having the Dan Laws TK helmet is an exciting addition for accurate gurus. Dan’s TK helmet comes from an original cast made years ago and only a limited number of these were made. Imperial Surplus is now the source for these character kits.

We now offer Original Trilogy products such as Stormtroopers (TK) both ANH and ESB. Sandtroopers (TD) from ANH and Sandtrooper Backpack Kit. We also have the optional Black Special Ops (TX) Shadowtrooper available. You can choose between the “MTK derived” helmet kit with your armor kit or the “Dan Laws derived” helmet kit with your armor kit.

You can check out the Stormtrooper armor offerings here and the Stormtrooper helmet offerings here. Please fill out the Contact/Order form to inquire about these kits!

We will offer other items from the original trilogy era such as the TIE Pilot and AT-AT driver, as we also acquired Dan Laws molds/bucks for these character kits, but we are not ready to offer these yet. You can be added to our interest list by filling out the Contact/Order form.

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