AT-ACT Driver

As seen in Rogue One, the AT-ACT Driver is trained to operate the all terrain armored cargo transport.

Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the AT-ACT Driver specifications.

Our AT-ACT Driver armor kit is made with various materials to best replicate the screen used costumes. The main body armor parts are vacuum-formed ABS plastic. The belt boxes and smaller detail parts are made with a hard resin casting material. The collar, shoulder straps, and leg straps are made with a semi-flexible material, just like the screen used parts. We do not offer the soft goods (shirt, gloves, neck seal, or pants) for the AT-ACT Driver. For our recommendation on soft good makers, visit the Resources page.

We created the AT-ACT Driver armor kit back in 2016, but have recently modified the entire armor kit as of August 2022. If you own one of our AT-ACT Driver armor kits and purchased it between 2016-2021, you own the “Version 1” kit. What you see below is our newest model, the “Version 2” kit.

We make the AT-ACT Driver armor kit with white ABS plastic, however, the cast parts may vary in color. You may receive black or white cast pieces with your armor kit.

The AT-ACT armor kit is $995.00 USD plus shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

This is the correct layout for the AT-ACT belt boxes. Our photo of all the armor kit elements shows incorrect placement for the specific belt boxes.

(Our Version 1 kit) AT-ACT costume photos modeled and provided by James Dalton

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