As seen in Rogue One, the Tanktrooper (Imperial Combat Assault Driver) is trained to operate armored repulsor vehicles, from troop transports to hovertanks.

Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the Tanktrooper specifications.

Our Tanktrooper armor kit is made with various materials to best replicate the screen used costumes. The main body armor parts are vacuum-formed ABS plastic. The belt boxes and smaller detail parts are made with a hard resin casting material. The collar, shoulder straps, and leg straps are made with a semi-flexible material, just like the screen used parts. We do not offer the soft goods (shirt, gloves, neck seal, or pants) for the Tanktrooper. For our recommendation on soft good makers, visit the Resources page.

We created the Tanktrooper armor kit back in 2016, but have recently modified the entire armor kit as of August 2022. If you own one of our Tanktrooper armor kits and purchased it between 2016-2021, you own the “Version 1” kit. What you see below is our newest model, the “Version 2” kit.

We make the Tanktrooper armor kit with white ABS plastic, however, the cast parts may vary in color. You may receive black or white cast pieces with your armor kit.

The Tanktrooper armor kit is $995.00 USD plus shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

This is the correct layout for the Tanktrooper belt boxes. Our photo of all the armor kit elements shows incorrect placement for the specific belt boxes.

(Our Version 1 kit) Tanktrooper costume by Kevin Weir

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