As seen in Rogue One, the Tanktrooper (Imperial Combat Assault Driver) is trained to operate armored repulsor vehicles, from troop transports to hovertanks.

Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the Tanktrooper specifications.

Our Tanktrooper armor includes the chest and back plates, side connectors, shoulder bells, back detail parts, biceps, forearms, ab plate, kidney plate, belt belt boxes, lower legs, and other detail parts shown below.

Shin spacers are now included with the Tanktrooper armor kit as of July 2019. The shin spaces are also available separately if you need them for your kit.

This is the Tanktrooper belt box upgrade kit that is made from cast parts, unlike the ABS vac-formed parts that come with the Tanktrooper armor kit.

Tanktrooper costume photos modeled and provided by James Dalton

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