Bo-Katan/Nite Owl

As seen in The Clone Wars animated series, Bo-Katan served as a lieutenant in the radical group of Mandalorians known as the Death Watch.

This Bo-Katan armor kit can also be painted to be a generic Nite Owl character. Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the Bo-Katan and Nite Owl specifications.

Our Bo-Katan/Nite Owl armor kit includes the chest plate, neck ring, shoulder bells, back plate, chest diamond piece, ab plate, cod piece, thigh pieces, forearms, holsters, knees, shin armor, and boot detail pieces.

As of April 2020, we have updated the Bo-Katan/Nite Owl chest plates, back plate, neck ring, and ab plate. These were updated to make the parts as accurate as possible for the Season 4-5 version.

The Bo-Katan/Nite Owl armor kit is $495.00 USD plus shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

Bo-Katan/Nite Owl parts updated in April 2020.


Bo-Katan/Nite Owl armor kit. These chest plates, back plate, ab plate, and neck ring are outdated and we do not make them anymore. Please see the photo above for the updated parts.

Nite Owl modeled by Sandy Burbano, photo by Brian Kim


Bo-Katan modeled by Stacey Beavers, photo by Joel Aron

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