Male Death Watch

As seen in The Clone Wars, the Death Watch was Mandalorian splinter group that opposed the pacifist government of Mandalore.

There are many different variations of the Male Death Watch characters including grapple, lieutenant, airborne, infantry, and torch Mandalorians. This armor can also be used for Season 1-3 Pre Vizsla as well as Obi-Wan when he’s in Mandalorian armor. Please see all of the different variations below as we’ve noted which pieces are used for each specific character.

The Male Death Watch armor kit is $555.00 USD plus shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

Shin darts are only used for Airborne, Grapple, Lieutenant, and Pre Vizsla (only Season 5).

Season 1-3 Pre Vizsla modeled by Brian Cook, photography by Chris Robertson. 

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