Season 4-5 Pre Vizsla

As seen in Seasons 4-5 of The Clone Wars animated series, Pre-Vizsla led the radical group of Mandalorians known as the Death Watch.

Please visit the 501st Legion CRL to see the Season 4-5 Pre Vizsla specifications.

Our Season 4-5 Pre-Vizsla armor kit includes the chest pieces, back plate, neck ring, shoulder bells, belt, belt boxes, cod piece, thigh armor, forearms, hand backs, knees, shins, holsters, and boot covers. 

The Season 4 version does not require the shin darts.

The Season 5 version requires shin darts, shown in the photo below.

The Season 4-5 Pre Vizsla Jetpack kit includes most of the cast and vac-form pieces you need to assemble the jetpack. It does not include the large side tubes of the jetpack.

Season 4-5 Pre Vizsla modeled by Kevin Weir, photos by Brian Kim. 

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