Season 1-3 Commander Upgrades

There are various commander and captain clone troopers in The Clone Wars that use extra upgrade parts on their armor. We’ve made the pauldron, holster set, and shoulder antenna.

See pricing below for the Season 1-3 armor upgrade parts. Please contact us for a shipping quote and lead time information when you are ready to order.

Season 1-3 Armor Upgrade Pricing:

Season 1-3 Pauldron $95.00 USD

Animated Holster Set $55.00 USD

Season 1-3 Wolffe/Cody Shoulder Antenna $45.00 USD


The textured black Season 1-3 pauldron is used for characters Commander Jet, Captain Keeli, Commander Trauma, and Commander Bly.

The smooth white Season 1-3 pauldron is used for characters Captain Rex, Commander Thire, and Commander Fil.

The animated holster set is used for almost all commander and captain characters.

The Season 1-3 shoulder antenna is used for characters like Commander Wolffe and Commander Cody.


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