Season 3 ARC Trooper

As seen in Season 3 of The Clone Wars animated series, the ARC (Advanced Recon Commando) trooper is a elite variant of the Republic clone trooper.

The ARC trooper armor kit uses a Season 1-3 Grunt base armor kit with a special ARC trooper upgrade kit. Please note, we do not make the helmet or backpack for the ARC troopers. Visit our Resources page for more information on where you can find these pieces.

The Season 3 ARC Trooper armor kit is designed to fit someone who is 5’8″ – 6’1″.

This is the Season 3 ARC trooper upgrade kit. Please note that there are some repeated parts from the Season 1-3 grunt such as lower legs, forearms, etc. You will use the ARC trooper repeated parts instead of the grunt parts.

Our Season 3 ARC trooper armor upgrade kit includes the pauldron, chest plate, ammo boxes, thigh box straps, forearms, compad, lower legs, and shoe covers.


The Season 1-3 ARC Backpack kit is an essential part of the ARC trooper costume. This kit includes a mix of vac-formed parts along with cast parts. If you are creating a Season 4-7 ARC trooper, please opt for our Season 4-7 ARC backpack.

ARC troopers also use the animated holster set for their armored costumes.

February 2021 Update: Our Season 1-3 white vest and strapping system is currently unavailable. Our Season 1-3 white vest and strapping system will make wearing the armor more comfortable and help certain pieces stay in place. The vest includes a front pocket that would be hidden by the armored chest plate.  

ARC Trooper Fives photo modeled and provided by Randy Herman. ARC Trooper group photos also provided by Randy Herman.


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