Season 4-7 Commander Upgrades

Several clone trooper characters from The Clone Wars animated series feature extra upgrades on their armor that make them look unique from the standard grunt.

The Animated Holster Set is used for most commanders, captains, and ARC troopers.

We now make durable Flexible Shoulder Straps¬†for the Season 4-7 armor. These straps will flex as you open and close the chest/back armor to wear. It’s important to note that you should wash these pieces with dish soap to remove any mold release residue before assembly. Do not use any sort of alcohol or acetone to clean these straps.

The Season 4-5 Shoulder Antenna is used for characters Commander Wolffe and Commander Cody.

The Season 6-7 Shoulder Antenna is used for characters Commander Cody, Commander Thorn, Captain Vaughn, and Sergeant Hound.

The Chest Plate is used for characters Commander Cody, Commander Doom, Captain Vaughn, and Commander Thorn.



The Season 4-7 Cody Pack is used for Commander Cody’s armor and Captain Vaughn.

Commander Cody costume modeled by Scott Diebold


The Season 4-7 ARC Backpack kit is an essential part of the ARC trooper costume. This kit includes a mix of vac-formed parts along with cast parts. If you are creating a Season 1-3 ARC trooper, please opt for our Season 1-3 ARC backpack.

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